niagara falls

A startup is defined as a newly established business. While most people think of startups as dealing with tech and investor funding, the reality is any small business owner is a startup. For example, I’m a content marketer and a consultant, and I was considered a startup in local surveys in my area.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I often see small business owners avoiding building a team because they consider themselves “small fish.” To this I say if you want success in business, you need to start taking yourself and your business seriously. That means you need to start treating your business like a business and that often involves hiring people.

Maybe for one startup it looks like hiring 10 people and for another it looks like just hiring a virtual assistant. It doesn’t matter because a team is a team. Additionally, in both situations you still need to know how to manage people. Or, at the very least, hire someone for the sole purpose of managing a team.